Kevin Miller previews the Super Tuesday primaries between the Democrats fighting for the nomination.  Kevin looks at the latest on fighting the coronavirus.   The White House has signed off on an $8.3 billion spending package aimed at fighting the coronavirus outbreak. President Trump signed off on the bill Friday morning after Congress rushed it through this week. The bill includes $3 billion for research and development of vaccines and $2.2 billion towards prevention efforts, as well as funding for state and local agencies as well as overseas efforts. Is $8.3 billion enough?  Kevin Miller asks the following questions: Do you think the government is taking the coronavirus threat seriously?  Is it possible we're still overestimating it?  The US launched its first airstrikes in 11 days against the Taliban, targeting fighters in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province on Wednesday. According to military spokesperson Colonel Sonny Leggett, it was a "defensive strike to disrupt" those "actively attacking an [Afghan National Security Forces] checkpoint."  Despite an agreement to reduce violence in the region and a troop withdrawal pact signed on Saturday, Leggett reveals there were 43 such attacks on checkpoints just on Tuesday."We call on the Taliban to stop needless attacks and uphold their commitments," Leggett said Wednesday.  How do you think this will affect the troop withdrawal pact?  Kevin Miller predicts that Bernie Sanders will win Super Tuesday big and lock up the nomination for the White House.





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