Kevin Miller starts the show by looking over the weekend events.  He then looks at the Supreme Court will decide the fate of Obamacare - but not until after the 2020 election. On Monday, the Court agreed to hear an appeal of a lower-court ruling that declared the 2010 Affordable Care Act partly unconstitutional.  However, the Court's decision likely won't come until sometime next year, well after the 2020 elections.   The Supreme Court previously upheld the Affordable Care Act in 2012.  How big a factor will health care be in the 2020 election?  Will the Supreme Court uphold the ACA again?  Should health care be nationalized or privatized?   According to authorities, a second person in the US has died from the coronavirus.  Officials in Washington state said Sunday that the man in his 70s was living at the same nursing facility near Seattle where dozens have been stricken with the illness.  He died Saturday at the same Kirkland hospital where the first patient passed a day earlier. Both had underlying health conditions.  Following the report, the International Association of Fire Fighters quarantined its 25 members after they responded to calls at the facility.  Kevin Miller asks the following question:   How concerned are you about the disease becoming more widespread across the US? Billionaire Tom Steyer has dropped out of the Democratic primary race after placing only third in the South Carolina primary polls. Joe Biden won 48% of the polls. Bernie Sanders trailed in second with around 19%, meaning Steyer's third-place finish of only 11% wouldn't allow him to viably secure delegates. January's filing with the Federal Election Commission shows that Steyer had spent around $253 million during his campaign.





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