Kevin Miller begins the show by interviewing local experts on the coronavirus.  Dr. Nikole Zoff, Director Southwest District Health, joins Kevin Miller updating him on the very latest.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their take on the events of the day.  Kevin Miller speaks with Roger D. Klein, MD,JD is an expert in Health and Law with the Regulatory Transparency Project’s FDA and Health working group. He is a former Medical Director of Molecular Pathology at the Cleveland Clinic and former adviser to the FDA, CDC, HHS and CMS. Kevin Miller is joined by Doctor Michael Karlfeldt of the Karlfeldt Center.  Doctor Karlfeldt explains how vitamins and proper nutrition can help limit the chances of getting sick.  Aaron Burke of Tucanos shares how local businesses are coping with the crisis.  Senator Mike Crapo joins Kevin Miller after working all night on the new stimulus bill that will aid Americans in need.  The senator tells Kevin that he understands their needs and he's doing everything he can to help them out of this situation.  Kevin Miller speaks with Idaho Governor Brad Little on how the state is handling the crisis.  The governor tells Kevin he is holding a statewide news conference to make a major announcement.  Kevin Miller takes call from listeners who speculate on what the governor will announce today at 1:30pm Mountain Time.





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