Kevin Miller begins the show by discussing the influence legalizing marijuana has had on Idaho.  Kevin Miller interviews Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Saltzer Medical Group.  They discuss the need for additional testing in Idaho.  Kevin Miller speaks with Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia and Brandon Atkins of Central District Health.  Kevin Miller previews the upcoming rally today at the capitol. It turns out Michigan residents aren't the only people tired of living under coronavirus stay-at-home orders. In recent days, protests have popped up in at least five other states. Thousands of people defied governors' orders this week to take part in demonstrations in Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina and Utah. While some of the complaints varied, the main reason for each protest was essentially the same: residents feel their constitutional rights have been violated because they've been forced to stay home. "The government, at all levels, has overstepped its authority in their quest to ‘protect’ Americans from a virus," says Mary Burkett, who took part in Utah's demonstration. "The American citizen is perfectly capable of deciding how to best protect themselves." Is your opinion of coronavirus protective orders starting to turn as well? Is the U.S. ready to move on -- regardless of whether the coronavirus is still a threat?









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