Kevin Miller begins the program by interviewing the mayor of Star Trevor Chadwick on how his city is handling the coronavirus crisis.  Mayor Chadwick shares how he's working with other cities and counties.  Dr. Tommy Ahlquist from Ball Ventures Alquist and Saltzer Medical Group.  Tommy goes over how the crisis is impacting the economy and the healthcare communities.  Idaho Governor Brad Little informs Kevin Miller on how he's working with the state and federal government on stemming the flow of the virus. In a disturbing indication of what's to come, the Pentagon is reportedly attempting to acquire 100,000 body bags for the federal coronavirus response.Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg News on Wednesday said the new body bags -- which have been requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- will be added to the government's existing supply of 50,000.A FEMA rep says the request is the agency's response to the White House's estimate that between 100,000 and 240,000 U.S. residents will likely die from the virus. "Prudent planning for these future conditions is taken very seriously by FEMA," the spokesperson says. "And we are working with regional and state health and emergency managers to ramp up available assets to meet contingency needs for the most affected areas."  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:Will we really need that many body bags? Do you know anyone who's contracted the coronavirus?






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