Kevin Miller begins the program by taking phone calls from folks who want to go back to work.  They accuse the government of not listening to them and want something to be done about it.  Kevin Miller interviews Ken Blackwell who is the former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio and the former Ohio Secretary of State.  Kevin Miller speaks with Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling.  Kevin Miller interviews Idaho Governor Brad Little and Congressman Russ Fulcher.  Kevin Miller updates folks on how to vote.  With the coronavirus still spreading across the US and many concerned for their safety outside the home, more Americans have come around to support the idea of voting by mail. According to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, nearly half of Democrats (47%) are cool with mailing in their ballots - a close to doubling of that figure since 2018.  Meanwhile, Republicans still favor going in person, with just 29% on board with the postal option.  If the pandemic is still raging by November, 48% polled said they would be ok with all votes being sent in by mail.






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