Kevin Miller begins the programing by speaking to a variety of newsmakers.  Retired Doctor John Livingston shares his knowledge of the Covid crisis with Kevin Miller.  Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Saltzer Medical Group.  Represenative Heather Scott speaks with Kevin about how she believes the government has overreached its authority.  Kevin Miller covers other big issues inside the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller examines what a mail in primary will mean to Gem State Voters. The Louisiana state legislature has voted to roll back mail-in voting - ironically, by mailing in their votes. The Republican-controlled legislature passed an emergency plan for the state's spring elections, reducing access to mail-in ballots to only cases where it was "medically necessary".   But the Baton Rouge Advocate's story included an interesting sentence: "Lawmakers voted by mail on the emergency plan."  That means they voted by mail to cut back on voting by mail. How do you feel about mail-in voting?  Should it be expanded or restricted?  Is it hypocritical to mail in a vote against mail-in voting?






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