Kevin Miller starts the show by updating everyone on the latest COVID-19 numbers in Idaho.  He interviews Dr. Nikole Zogg of Central District Health.  She explains how the social distancing and the stay at home order has slowed the spread of the virus.  Boise Mayor Lauren McLean tells listeners how Boise continues to serve its residents.  Congressman Russ Fulcher joins Kevin Miller to explain how he's working with the federal government to help Idaho small businesses.  Kevin Miller breaks the news that one presidential candidate is dropping out. The 2020 Democratic primary is all but settled, with Sen. Bernie Sanders ending his campaign on Wednesday.  The move clears the way for Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic nominee.Sanders told his staff it was a "very difficult and painful decision" but that "the path toward victory is virtually impossible".  Kevin Miller reminds everyone that at one time Bernie looked unstoppable.  Sanders took an early lead after winning the first three primaries, but never recovered after Biden's big wins in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday, trailing the former Vice President by more than 300 delegates.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions to the KIDO Talk Radio audience:  Now that the race is set, is Biden the strongest candidate for the Democrats?  How will the 2020 election look with the pandemic preventing large crowds and travel?

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