Kevin Miller begins the day by speaking with several callers concerning whether or not the state will accelerate it's plan to reopen the state of Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who will be monitoring what the governor will say later this week.  Kevin Miller interviews Lieutenant Colonel Chris Borders of the Idaho National Guard.  Lt. Col. Borders reviews the second largest deployment of the Idaho Air National Guard that occurred earlier this week.  He previews tomorrow's big flyover featuring Strike Eagles and A10s flying across the state.  Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Saltzer Medical Group, Ball Ventures Ahlquist, and Crush The Curve Idaho.  They discuss the importance of testing and how folks can protect themselves from the Covid-19.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his interviews.  He changes topics reporting on how the Obama Administration went after the Trump Administration by using the FBI.







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