Kevin Miller begins Miller's Mission 2020.  He's broadcasting live from the Wal Mart in Nampa raising money and awareness for the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Petso and Lars Larson.  Mr. Petso speaks to Kevin Miller about the rising stock prices that have occurred today.  Lars Larson tells Kevin Miller that President Obama should not be criticizing President Trump.  Kevin Miller speaks with several callers who are responding to his comments on the state reopening to phase two.  Kevin Miller interviews Reverend Bill Roscoe of the Boise Rescue Mission along with several staff members.  Kevin Miller speaks with Jon Decker of Fox News Radio live from the White House.  Mr. Decker goes over the president's weekend in office.  Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Southerland of Fox News Radio from Capitol Hill.  She tells the KIDO Talk Radio audience that both houses of Congress will not agree on a new funding program.






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