Kevin Miller begins the program by taking calls from listeners responding to his statements about the president's town hall meeting that aired last night on Fox News.  Kevin Miller is joined by best selling author Brad Meltzer who speaks about his new project 'The Lincoln Conspriracy.'  Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso of the Petso Financial.  Kevin Miller takes more phone calls from listeners.  He is joined by Lars Larson.  Mr. Larson describes how he is working from home during this crisis.   Kevin Miller shares a story from  The New York Times reports that a deadly, 2-inch insect called the "Murder Hornet" has made its way into the U.S. for the very first time. The Asian giant hornet, a bug we never wanted, is known to kill around 50 people annually in Japan by using "spiked, shark fin-like mandibles" to do damage to more than just people. These devil bugs are known to completely eradicate honey bee hives in just hours.  Ya know how?  They decapitate all of the bees and then fly off with their bodies to feed their tiny, baby devil bugs. Twitter, speaking for the rest of the U.S., doesn't really want to deal with a flying murderous bug right now, with users joking that these hornets are nature's way of getting us to stay inside during the pandemic. Could 2020 get any crazier?  Have you ever had to deal with a scary bug?  Did you win the battle against the bug?






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