Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at the continued stay at home order.  Kevin Miller interviews Corey Lewandoski the former campaign manager.  Dr. Jerome Corsi joins Kevin Miller to look at how the president is handling the latest on the virus.  Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin discusses the state of Idaho. She looks at the impact on small businesses in the state.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners sharing their thoughts on the economy.  Kevin Miller shares a story about a local businessman who was arrested.  A Texas bar owner is behind bars after she refused to shut down her business, which she then protected by surrounding the establishment with armed guards. The unidentified owner of Big Daddy Zane's, located in West Odessa, was taken into custody Tuesday after she failed to follow Governor Greg Abbott's order to close, police say. When officers arrived, they found the bar surrounded by armed men in body armor, according to Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis. They were arrested, too. "This was not a protest of their second amendment rights," Griffis says. "It was a show of force to ensure this lady could violate the governor’s order." According to Big Daddy Zane's Facebook page, the armed guards were present to "help protect our rights as a small business owner to open and be able to feed our families." Why has it taken law enforcement agencies so long to start enforcing coronavirus restrictions? Should customers who enter violating businesses be charged too?






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