Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. John Livingston from Treasure Valley Hospital.  The doctor tells Kevin Miller he's concerned about the state of Idaho.  Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Saltzer Medical Group.  They speak about how the state's hospitals need to return to capacity.  Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling tells Kevin that the governor is doing a good job.  Kevin Miller takes phone calls from his listeners.  Kevin Miller shares a funny story about the US Supreme Court.   With the coronavirus outbreak closing the Supreme Court building, the justices have been listening to arguments over conference calls. Unfortunately, as Roman Martinez was challenging part of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act on Wednesday, an errant toilet flush was heard. Anticipating that this situation could happen, the court issued a directive that lawyers mute their side when not speaking. While Martinez didn't call attention to the sound, CNN notes that the general public was allowed to listen in real-time for the first time so many others experienced what the network dubbed, "The flush heard around the country". Are you taking meetings over the phone or on video chat? What's the wildest thing to happen?






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