Kevin Miller begins the day by interviewing Jason Billister from the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin Miller updates the listeners on the governor's move to take a case to the United States Supreme Court.  It involves the case of the transgender inmate who wants the state of Idaho to pay for his surgery.  Kevin Miller interviews Ada Commissioner Patrick Malloy on how the county will reopen for business.  Brandon Atkins joins Kevin Miller to discuss how Central District Health.  Kevin Miller reports on the unemployment from across the country.  The numbers have reached levels that rival the Great Depression.  Kevin Miller looks at economic impact that the crisis has had on a major retailer.  The coronavirus pandemic has been especially hard on the already-troubled retail industry.  Now it looks like J.C. Penney might be the next victim. The company is reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy protection next week and close about 25 percent of its 850 stores. The 118-year-old chain employs about 85,000 peopl e nationwide but has carried billions in debt over the last few years. J.C. Penney would be the third major retailer to file for bankruptcy since Monday, following J. Crew and Neiman Marcus this week. Will this be the final nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar retail?  Pandemic aside, do you prefer online shopping or visiting actual stores?






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