Kevin Miller looks at the riots across the country and its impact on the state of Idaho.  Kevin Miller reports on the protests in Boise, Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes phone calls from listeners reacting to the riots across the area.  Congressman Russ Fulcher joins Kevin Miller relaying to him what's going on in Washington DC.  Congressman Fulcher shares his thoughts on how the Speaker of the House is running the House of Representatives.   Dave Petso looks at the business impact of the riots on the American Economy.  Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discuss the unstoppable growth in the Boise housing market.  Lars Larson joins Kevin Miller with a view of the riots from Portland and Seattle.  Kevin Miller returns to taking phone calls from listeners who are very frustrated with their legislators.  He ends the program by urging folks to continue to support local, state, and national law enforcement agents and their families.







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