Kevin Miller begins the show by speaking with United States Congressman Russ Fulcher who represents Idaho's First Congressional District.  Congressman Fulcher discusses the situation in Washington DC and why is a plantiff in a lawsuit agains the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Kevin Miller interviews local entrepernuer Nathan Barry.  Mr. Barry has spent his own money on digital billboards saying that Black Lives Matter.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his interview with Mr. Barry.  Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Petso and Lars Larson for their Monday morning slots speaking about culture and money.  Kevin Miller looks at the desiscions by Warner Brothers Studios who own the Looney Toon Cartoons.  They've decided that Elmer Fudd will not be carrying a firearm anymore.  Kevin Miller takes calls and reminds people to join him for his 'Unity Walk' which begins right after the show.  Kevin will be walking from Boise to Caldwell promoting unity.







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