Kevin Miller begins the program by reporting on the decision by the firearms manufacturer Colt not to sell the AR-15 to civilians anymore.  The company said that they're will continue to make them for the military.  Several folks called in to voice their opinions on Colt's decision.  Kevin Miller spoke with Congressman Russ Fulcher on several issues.  The first issue was regarding a major manufacturer leaving the Treasure Valley.

Congressman Fulcher begins by looking at the situation involving the continued tension between the United States and Iran.  Kevin Miller and the Congressman discuss whether or not there will be a recession.  Congressman Fulcher shares that he spoke to the president and vice president recently during the much published retreat in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kevin Miller reports that Bill de Blasio  has decided to bail on his quest for the White House.  Never quite averaging above one percent in polls, Bill de Blasio has called his four-month long bid for the White House quits on Friday morning. Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," New York City's Democrat mayor admitted, "I feel like I contributed all I can to this primary election and it's clearly not my time." While not throwing his support behind any of the current 2020 campaigners, de Blasio said he would "think about" doing so in the future, adding that he will stand behind "whoever the eventual nominee is." How do you see the primary shaping up moving forward?



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