Kevin Miller begins the program by broadcasting from Arlington, Virginia.  Kevin Miller is in Washington DC this week covering the big issues of the day.  Most notably, the possible move by the Democrats to formally begin the process of impeaching President Donald Trump.  Kevin Miller goes over the allegations involving a phone call between the president and a Ukrainian official.  Liberals in DC say that this 'whistle blower'  allegation has met the standards of impeachment.  Kevin Miller takes listener reaction to that story.

Kevin Miller looks at the current situation involving Climate Change.  The president is in New York attending the United Nations annual meeting with all the other world leaders.  Kevin Miller reports that several streets surrounding his hotel have been blocked off by the police.  Law enforcement expects the climate protesters to shutdown the morning commute in New York and Washington DC.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who react to whether or not they believe that climate change in a giant hoax.

Kevin Miller switches gears to share a warm and fuzzy story about cats.  A study published Monday in the journal Current Biology suggests cats form bonds with their humans; similar to dogs and even our own human babies. A study developed in the 1970's to determine "attachment style" between parents and infants was used. A cat with secure attachment knows you'll take care of it. A cat with insecure attachment may be timid or cautious when it sees you.  "We're looking at cats through dog-colored glasses," cat expert Jackson Galaxy told NBC News. "We are disappointed in them because they don't wag their tails, meet us at the door, demonstrate in a way that humans innately recognize that they love us." How does your cat show its attachment to you?

Kevin Miller's trip to Washington DC is sponsored in part by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.





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