Kevin Miller begins the program by broadcasting a remote broadcast facility in Arlington, Virginia.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest movements from Capitol Hill on the possible move to impeach President Trump.  He takes a break from that issue to breakdown a presidential hopefuls tax plan.  Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has just unveiled his most aggressive plan at taxing the ultra-wealthy.  Sanders wants to use that tax money to pay for his proposed programs including Medicare for all, according to CNN. Under his plan, married couples worth more than $32 million would pay a 1% tax, 2% for couples with up to $250 million and up to 8% on those with wealth over $10 billion. Individuals worth $16 million or more would be taxed accordingly, with individuals worth more than $5 billion receiving the 8% rate.  Sanders proposal would tax would affect the 180,000 richest households in the United States and cut the wealth of billionaires in half within 15 years. Kevin Miller asks, 'Do you think Sanders' proposal sounds like a good idea?  Should the wealthiest Americans pay more in taxes? '

Kevin Miller shares the comments of a teenage who lectured the United Nations on how the world is ending thanks to climate change.  He took calls from several listeners responding to the issue.

Kevin Miller introduced the topic of a former Boise State kicker who had someone place a note on his car requesting that he move back to California.  Several Treasure Valley residents called in to voice their opinion about people that move to Idaho that do not change their license plates.

Kevin Miller's trip to Washington DC this week is sponsored in part by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.





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