Kevin Miller begins his show broadcasting from radio row in Washington DC.  Kevin Miller has been invited by the Federation for American Immigration Reform to attend their annual 'Hold Their Feet to the Fire' rally in the nation's capital. Kevin Miller has been selected as one of the nation's top talk show host to interview new makers dealing with the challenging issue of immigration.

Kevin Miller begins the show by covering the big announcement that Nancy Pelosi has begun impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to the topic.  Kevin Miller begins interviewing folks who inform the public on the current crisis on the border.

Kevin Miller interviewed Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher on impeachment and immigration.  The Congressman informed the listeners about his talks with the president and vice president.  Kevin Miller continues his show interviewing several experts on both immigration and the impeachment process.

Kevin Miller reports on the local stories involving the city of Meridian.  The city passed on mandating that all drivers use hands free devices while on their phones while driving in the city.  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners expressing their concern about safety on the roads around the Treasure Valley.

Kevin Miller continues to look at what happens next concerning the whistle blower.

The broadcast of the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio from Washington DC is sponsored in part by FAIR.




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