Kevin Miller begins the broadcast from the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington DC covering the 'Hold Their Feet to the Fire' event from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Kevin Miller updates the audience on the latest concerning the attempted impeachment of Donald Trump.  The administration released the transcripts of the president's call with the president of the Ukraine.  Kevin Miller interviews Jessica Vahn from the Center for Immigration Studies.  Talk Show Host Heidi Harris and Lars Larson stop by to share their thoughts with Kevin on the topics of the day.

Kevin Miller reports on a story involving a scheme defrauding everyone.   Kevin Miller says were all just scammed out of as much as $2 billion - the fed says. Those involved in an elaborate Medicare fraud scheme were charged this week, the Associated Press Reports. Patients were tricked into handing over their Medicare ID under the guise of genetic testing for various diseases, including cancer.  More than 30 people have been charged through the investigation. Officials say Medicare patients should only trust entities recommended by their doctor.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Should the government have caught the scheme before this much money was paid out? Are you more concerned with the failure to quickly catch the fraud?

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to several stories including whether or not hands free driving should be the rule of law in Idaho.




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