Kevin Miller begins the show by recapping his trip to Washington DC.  He quickly updates the KIDO Talk Radio audience on the latest impeachment allegations against President Donald Trump.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his reporting on the Democrats move against the executive branch of government.  Kevin Miller shares a story about a person or persons in Coeur d' Alene , Idaho who is hiding books that are negative to President Trump.  The person is not stealing the books.  They are moving them from one part of the library to another.  This move is causing the librarians to urge the public to find and apprehend the book hider.  The topic was very popular with Kevin Miller's morning show audience.

Kevin Miller is joined by financial planner Dave Petso.  They review the recent volatility in the stock market.  Dave Petso and Kevin Miller review the continued challenge of growth in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners on whether or not there will be a recession.

Kevin Miller interviews national talk show host Lars Larson.  The Lars Larson Show airs weeknights from 6pm-9pm on KIDO Talk Radio.  Lars and Kevin Miller review their trip to DC and how some congressional Democrats are making irresponsible comments.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners throughout the Treasure Valley until it's time for the Glenn Beck Program.





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