What does the governor think about the current state of the Idaho Legislature?  Check out his thoughts on the state of the property tax freeze, the grocery tax repeal, and the attempt to legalize recreational marijuana in Idaho. Idaho Governor Brad Little joined Kevin Miller this morning for an exclusive interview on the state of all things Idaho Tuesday morning.  The topic of how the state of can stay free of recreational marijuana was discussed with the governor.  He shared his thoughts on a 60 minutes interview with the Colorado Governor.  "Everything they promised us, you know, more tax money, less black market, less crime, we'd control it and keep it away from kids, it was all wrong," Governor Little recalled.  He shared a personal message from Governor John Hickenlooper, "Brad if you don't have to do, don't do it."


The governor credit part of Idaho's appeal is that the state doesn't have the problems of states that have legalized drugs.  The governor was asked about his thoughts concerning the number one issue on the minds of Idaho voters; a property tax freeze.  He said,the legislature has recently introduced a bill that would adjust the 'circuit breaker' that is designed to help older citizens keep their homes.  He pointed out that the challenge is not to make the situation worse for Idahoans that are struggling to maintain their homes.  You can listen to the entire interview below.  Please join Kevin Miller every morning to discuss your thoughts on the governor's comments.