Kevin Miller begins day 4 of Miller's Mission from the Nampa Walmart on Garrity and Franklin.  He shares the latest local, state, and national news with his audience.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to the impeachment inquiry proceedings going on in Washington DC.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners defending President Trump against the Congressional Democrats.  Kevin Miller looks at a few other stories that people are talking about this morning. Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick is a late entrant into the Democratic presidential race.  Patrick did not take the stage for Wednesday night's debate in Atlanta but he tried to make some waves with an event at nearby Morehouse College.  The talk at the historically black college didn't go as planned. When Patrick showed up, only two people were there. The event was canceled.  Kevin Miller takes a look at the other Democratic Presidential Candidates.  He plays clips from their recent debate that was broadcast on MSNBC.  Do you think it's silly for Patrick to try and jump in this late in the game?   Kevin Miller reviews the latest on the polarizing Colin Kapernick.   While Colin Kaepernick's failed league sponsored workout has been billed a publicity stunt, at least one former coach involved says there was legitimate interest. "There's no question in my mind that that was the case, that the people who were there were there for that reason, that they were going to do everything they could to create the right environment for him to show his best," Hue Jackson told ESPN's First Take Friday. The former Browns coach was tasked with running the on-field portion of the workout. In the 11th hour, Kaepernick decided to move the workout from the Atlanta Falcons' facility to a nearby high school because of a dispute over the NFL's required waiver. Kevin Miller asks:   Do you think Kaepernick missed his chance? Should he have signed the waiver? Do you think Kaepernick honestly wants to return to the NFL?





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