Timmy Kinner will now stand trial for murder of the three year old Ruya Kudir.  Kinner had been ruled mentally unable to stand trial in a ruling by a local judge.  The Idaho Statesman reports that Kinner will now stand trial for first degree murder.  He will also stand trial for the 12 felony counts involving the multiple stabbings that occurred in June 2018.

The crimes drew national attention as police, the media, and the community asked the question, "how could this happen in Boise?"   Kinner had tried to change his name legally to Eternal Love.  That request was denied by the judge hearing his petition.

The fallout over Kinner's alleged crimes resulted in the community coming together trying to help the victims and the family of Ruya Kudir.  Kinner has been spending his time in a mental facility until he was deemed fit to stand trial.

The Statesman detailed the continued impact the crime has had on the overall and refugee community here.  A garden had been built and planted honoring Ruya Kudir at the Wylie Street Station Apartments.  Although the signs that were posted on the fence facing State Street may be gone, the residents have not forgotten that night.

The mother of the victim is suing the owner and property manager of those apartments.  Kinner will be able to assist in his defense once the trial begins which will be early next year.


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