We're less than two weeks away from the November elections.  Americans from across the country will vote in local, state, and national races.  Idaho is the envy of the nation when it comes to Conservative politics.  Although our congressional candidates have taken nothing for granted, it would take a historic blue tsunami to unseat Senator Risch, Congressman Simpson, and Congressman Fulcher.  Sadly, Democrats, there is not big blue wave on the horizon.  However, the most impactful races are at the state and county levels.


Regardless of whether or not you live in Ada County, the race for Ada County Commissioner District 1 is the one to watch. Democrat Dianna Lachiondo is running for re-election against Republican Challenger Ryan Davidson. Insiders tell me that Lachiondo has never stopped working since her election. She has raised more money than any other candidate except for the state Democratic Party. She has over $100,000 on hand with less than two weeks till the election.

Davidson has less money but has been involved in grassroots politics in the state for years. He recently served as the Chairman of the Ada County Republican Central Committee. Davidson has a lot less money. However, the intangibles favor the challenger.

Presidential elections bring out more voters than off-year elections. Davidson will benefit from having folks voting for President Trump and Senator Risch. Lachiondo voters will be drawn to the polls to vote for her, not disappointing senate candidate Paulette Jordan.

The Treasure Valley Republican Party is the most unified it has been in years. Republican State Chairman Tom Luna and Ada County Republican Central Committee Chairman Victor Miller continue to work nonstop to aid area Republicans at the ballot box. Recently, Republicans fought themselves, which allowed Democrats to sneak into office. Those days appear to be over.

Stay tuned true believers.

FYI, for a more in depth look at all the local races, click this link to the BosDev.


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