Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin joined us this morning at Millers Mission.  She defended her actions of issuing an executive order banning mask mandates in Idaho. She has the authority to issue that order due to Governor Little being out of state attending a conference.

She explained why she issued that order to KIDO Talk Radio Friday morning.  "That was a response to what I've been hearing from people across the state," she said.  McGeachin continued,  "They're concerned about the government making a mandate or a dictate. I believe people should take personal responsibility, and I'm against a government mandate."

photo courtesy of Youube Idaho Freedom Foundation

The lieutenant governor expanded on how current mask mandates are impacting Idahoans everyday.   "We've come a long way; the vaccine is available, people are getting better, they're attending events that aren't wearing masks."

Last week it was a question from a young child that gave her the idea for the executive order.  She was asked if she was elected governor, would she force him to wear a mask?  "I believe that is cruel and unusual punishment for kids and I'm worried about the long term effects on children being forced to wear masks.  I worked to keep my order simple to eliminate mask mandates."

KTVB is reporting that several school districts could legally challenge her executive order. Although Governor Little did not order a statewide mask mandate, the subject of making Idahoans wear masks has been a point of controversy.

Lieutenant Governor McGeachin responded to the calls of possible legal action.  "I question why anyone would do that; when we look back at last year, when we look back at orders that weren't challenged, it's the right thing to do; our kiddos are not at risk, concerned by the long-term ramifications of wearing masks."

As the Gem State continues to recover, she shared her experiences both as a small business owner and the state's second highest elected official.  She spoke about the shutdown of 'nonessential businesses' and its impact on Idaho.  As a small business owner, it was hard for businesses to shutdown and I disagreed with the governor," she said.  The lieutenant governor became emotional when she explained how her family tried to care for their employees.  " My daughter Eliza and I would use our own money to make food packages for our employees."

She observed that the road to recovery is continuing in Idaho, although with some consequences. "I'm also seeing lingering effects of businesses, we lost one of our employees to an overdose, I'm not sure of the cause.  "It's hard when we lost the people that we love. "I know they're long term consequences, we need to be strong and pray , we need love and compassion for each other."

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