In the end, Impeachment went out with a whimper.  The Democratic attempt at removing the president failed miserably.  The Republican Party is the most unified that it has been since the Reagan Revolution of the mid 1980s.  And then there is the case of Senator Willard Romney of Utah.  The Utah Republican broke ranks with the GOP and voted with the Democrats on one count of Impeachment of abusing power.  Here's the speech right below.

Romney's move was well calculated.  Republicans are so angry in Utah that they vow to pass legislation to allow for a recall of the former Massachuesetts Governor.  Romney is not up for re-election till 2024.  The senator is counting on Utahans to be distracted enough that he'll win again.

Perhaps there's more to the story?  Could Romney be thinking about making an independent presidential run at President Trump?  Or setting himself up as the leader of the post-Trump Republican Party after the president leaves office?

The sad legacy of Willard Romney is that he saved his most viscous attacks on fellow Republicans while cosying up to the Liberals.  He mercilessly went after Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorium during the Republican Presidential Primary in 2012.  After winning the nomination, he failed to ignite and unify the party against a sagging Barack Obama.

Ever the opportunist,  Romney condemned candidate Trump before asking him to become the president's secretary of state. Here's the speech below.

President Trump said no, and once again Romney flip flopped his opinion of the commander in chief.  I wish those folks in Utah well in their attempts to restore conservatism to their senate seat.  The legacy of Willard Romney is that of a flip flopping opportunist.  Romney's credibility is so damaged, he makes John Kerry seem consistent and committed.


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