Alexander Hamilton must be spinning in his grave.  Yes, the same Hamilton that is on the ten dollar bill and his life was made famous by the Broadway blockbuster.  The forgotten founding father would not recognize the nation's capitol after last night's presidential acceptance speech.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was almost killed by an angry mob just outside the grounds of the White House.

Isn't Washington DC the nation's capitol?  Shouldn't senators as well as citizens have the right to walk from the White House to their hotel without threat of death or bodily harm?  Apparently, security is not something that we can rely on in today's protest America.

Alexander Hamilton warned against what we're seeing today in the streets of America.  He warned about 'mob rule' in the several Federalist Papers that were published during the early days of the republic.  In fact, the Whiskey Rebellion led Hamiliton and others to convince the Congress and President Washington that we needed a stronger federal government.  Thus, the Articles of Confederation were abolished and the Constitution was created.

Let's hope that the wisdom of Hamilton returns and the mob rule follows the path of the Articles of Confederation.

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