Today's guests: 6 a.m. - Jeff Ferry from the Coalition for a Prosperous America with a quick comment about the Fed's recent action on interest rates.  Kevin Miller thanks Mr. Ferry and begins his coverage of the two mass shootings over the weekend one in El Paso, Texas and the second in Dayton, Ohio.  Kevin Miller takes calls from several listeners over the three hours of live programming.  They express their frustration with the media and the Democrats for blaming President Trump.  Kevin Miller plays clips from national media and political figures attacking President Trump.  ; 6:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reports live from El Paso, TX.  Kevin Miller looks at what China is up to and how it's impacting US financial markets.   He shares that the U.S. Treasury Department has officially designated China a currency manipulator. China devalued its currency below the "line in the sand" mark of 7 yuan per dollar for the first time in more than a decade. That caused the U.S. stock market to tumble to its worst day of the year, with the major indexes losing about 3%.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Most financial experts say China has not been manipulating its currency recently, what's your take?  Will this lead to formal penalties?  How will this designation impact the trade war and Wall Street?  ; 7:35 a.m. - Fox News' Jon Decker reposrts live from the White House ; 8:25 a.m. - Phil Hawkins from the Idaho State Veterans Home.
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