Senator Chuck Schumer and his Democratic friends are at it again.  The folks in the Senate are proposing a 'hero fund' that will pay folks big money who are currently on the job.  How much is big money?  How about $25,000?  Who doesn't want to get paid more money?  However, what about the massive number of folks who are unemployed?  Are we going to pay them more money?  Well, not yet, however, if you're still asked to face the public during the coronavirus outbreak, some members of Congress want to see you compensated, reports Yahoo News.   Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is leading the charge to get frontline workers "pandemic premium pay" of up to $25,000, noting, "They're the ones that keep our society together during this pandemic allowing others to stay home."

In the bill proposed by Brown, a "Heroes Fund" would be created to dole out the money to anyone who may be exposed to COVID-19 while doing their jobs. "If we're going to tell these workers they're essential to our country, you have to go to work during a public health emergency then their paycheck should reflect that," continued Brown, who has gotten several of his fellow Democrats on board with co-sponsoring the legislation.

Let's hope someone derails this well meaning but not affordable legislation.  Hopefully the Senate will pass the small business bailout bill that will keep folks working.

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