It looks like the government is looking to send more money your way.  If so, how much money will you receive from Uncle Sam?There's a bill called the Health and Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions or HEROES Act if passed could bring in more cash for households than the $1200 many received from the CARES Act, says CBS News.  You could receive up to $6,000 per family.  The bill would give each person twelve hundred dollars.  Is there a difference between the first stimulus and the new or second one?

The answer is yes.  College students, older teenagers, and immigrants with a tax identification number could receive the money.  No word yet on how big of an impact a second round of free money would have on the ever expanding national debt.  Senator Crapo recently told us that he's very concerned about the excessive, but possibly necessary spending from Capitol Hill.

The estimated cost of the new stimulus package would be over 3 trillion dollars.  For more information on the proposed HEROES Act, click the link here.

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