Where did the Summer go?  As the Treasure Valley gets ready for a good frosting this weekend, one of our neighboring Northwestern States is dealing with a monster.  It was a monster or monster insect that we first told you about last Spring, the deadly 'Murder hornet.  Now, despite the best efforts of scientist to hunt them down, a nest has been discovered in our area.

The 'murder hornets' are back in the news after the first nest was discovered in the United States. Officially called, Asian Giant Hornets - no, the bugs don't attack humans, directly - but even a small group can decimate a honey bee hive in a matter of hours. That's bad for humans because honey bees help pollinate the crops we utilize and eat. Fox 12 Oregon reports tracking radios were placed on a handful of the invasive hornets after they had been trapped.

The large insects then led entomologists back to the nest, located inside a tree in Blaine, Washington. Officials plan to destroy the nest Saturday.  The challenge is that officials are doing their best to find more of these hornets before they multiple and make their way across the country.  We certainly do not want them in our state of Idaho.  Do you think officials will be able to successfully stop this invasive species? Are too many Americans sympathetic toward invasive species? Which species are problems in your state? What kind of problems do they cause?  We'll keep you posted on the latest news involving these monster insects.


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