Idaho Republicans were not supposed to be debating an issue so divisive as employer-mandated vaccinations. The usual suspects that run the legislature believed they dodged another bullet after the most extended legislative session in the state's history.

The governor's powers were not limited, and with a slight exception, the status quo was maintained. However, the House did not adjourn; it went into recess. And with that one move, we have the great Idaho showdown of 2021.

The House can call itself back into session, and Idaho's Conservative Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has asked Speaker Bedke to bring the House back to pass laws protecting Idaho workers from the threat of vaccination or termination. Bedke told KTVB that he's in no hurry to aid healthcare workers who have less than eight weeks to decide whether to get the poke or get the boot.

"We don't want to go in and waste people's time, and taxpayers' money where nothing was accomplished, frankly," he said. "I can almost guarantee we won't call anybody back in the next two weeks."


The speaker's statement reflects the old school establishment style of weathering the storm till it blows over. It has worked for years when folks get very mad and do not vote for establishment politicians on election day. However, we now have public statements from several Nampa Legislators saying they don't want their constituents to be forced to choose between employment and vaccinations.

The Nampa Conservatives who've made a statement in support of Idahoans are:

Senator Jeff Agengbroad,Senator Todd Lakey, Representative Brent Crane, Representative Ben Adams, Representative Bruce Skaug, Representative Rick Youngblood.

Here's there statement:

“Most employers are choosing to inform and educate employees regarding Covid vaccines. However, some Idaho employers have recently threatened employees with job loss if they refuse the Covid shots. We believe the right to refuse invasive medical procedures, including vaccinations, is paramount to the interests of the employers, employees, and freedoms of the individual in almost all situations. We will support legislation to properly protect the physical freedoms of Idaho employees from mandatory Covid vaccinations.”

The move by the Nampa Conservatives sends a message to Bedke that his decisions will not be a unanimous one. If other legislators follow Nampa's lead, it will pressure the speaker to make a move he says he's reluctant to do.

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