Nancy Pelosi sent an ominous message to the world yesterday.  She showed her anger with the Trump White House invoking the 25th Amendment. Her statements are irresponsible considering her position of power within our federal government. The 25th Amendment says that if the president is not capable of the job, the vice president will takeover.  Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.  She is second in line to succession if something should happen to President Trump and Vice President Pence becomes president.  Can you comprehend the phrase Vice President Pelosi?

Pelosi has revealed plans to introduce legislation that could ultimately remove President Donald Trump from office during a news conference on Thursday. Pelosi says she and Representative Jamie Raskin have drafted the bill, which calls for the creation of a committee to evaluate Trump's ability to perform his job as outlined in the 25th Amendment. As we know, the Democrats control the House so experts believe it will pass despite the message it sends to the rest of the world.

The legislation will be introduced today, Pelosi says. However, the odds of the bill being approved don't appear to be very good. For it to pass, it must be approved by the Republican-run Senate and then signed by the president. Could we see any scenario in the bizarre world of 2020 where a Republican Senate and President Trump himself would sign such bitter partisan legislation?    Why would Pelosi invest time in legislation she knows won't pass?  The sad answer is that it's election season and everything is fair game.

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