Who doesn't love the Oregon Coast?  Sure we could all do without the pot, or as I call them, "The Weed shops", but is there anything better than a summer spent in Newport, Astoria, Cannon Beach, or Lincoln City?Well, those cities may never recover from the historic and devastating wildfires that are destroying the Beaver State. Western Governors from California to Washington are asking other states and the federal government for help. These beautiful states are overwhelmed with fires fueled by 50 miles-per-hour winds.

It's not just the fires that are causing people to leave their homes.  The air is so bad that folks have abandoned their homes because the air is unhealthy to breathe. The winds caring the ash has caused  hundreds and thousands of acres being burned to the ground. So far, more than 16,000 Oregonians have fled their homes. Personally, my brother and sister-in-law are helping their friends and family who've lost their homes.

Where's the leadership?  For years, advocates in the West have asked the federal government to let states handle their forests. The federal government hasn't listened.  It's time for the Western States in an election year to make the case to the President and Congress.  Who can imagine the pain and suffering that is going on right now from our fellow Western Americans who've lost everything?  Some people have lost their lives.  Back to Lincoln City, Oregon, where a little boy, and his grandmother were killed by the flames.  This is the year 2020 where we have self-driving cars and limitless possibilities, yet we cannot keep our citizens safe from fires?  You can keep track of what's happening in Oregon by clicking on this link here.

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