DISCLAIMER This post is not click bait.  The following story is true.  The state of Oregon has now legalized illegal drugs.  They call it measure ten and it allows Oregonians to consume hard drugs legally.  If police catch you with heroin, you get a $100 fine or you can go to a treatment center funded by legal marijuana sales, reports KATU News.

ABC News details how the new law will impact the state:  Oregon residents no longer can be arrested or imprisoned for possessing small amounts of substances such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or LSD.  So how will local, county, and state police enforce laws?  Local police are openly wondering if they should take possession of drugs or issue a citation?

Fifty nine percent of Oregonians voted for this measure and one in eleven Oregonians are addicted to drugs reports the tv station.  In years past, the federal government would have clamped down on states disobeying federal laws.  Thanks to the Obama Precedent, which allowed states to legalized The Weed, Oregon may get away with these new laws.

Four states voted to legalize recreational marijuana this week.  The Biden Administration has stated publicly that they intend to decriminalize marijuana on a federal level.  Pot stocks have reacted to Biden's possible election by having a record day on the stock market.  Pot stocks have increased in value to record levels, reports the New York Post.

Is that all?  No, Tuesday Oregon became the first state in America to legalize psychedelic mushrooms, says Oregon live.  It passed with over fifty six percent of the vote.


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