She was supposed to be the most credible threat to Republican dominance in Idaho.  Her last campaign was poorly run and filled with unforced errors.  However, the former state representative, who many believe spent more time on national tv than campaigning in Idaho, attracted 38% of the vote statewide.  Jordan is back after winning a Democratic mail in primary with 80% of the vote.  Congratulations you've won a contest against Senator Jim Risch.  The senator is known both in Idaho and across the country as a conservative that gets things done.  Unlike Jordan, Risch is focused on service to the state, not auditioning for CNN.  He will be well funded and no one outworks Jim Risch.

But what about Idaho's growing leftist base?  The mayor of Boise was not liberal enough and was replaced by a younger female progressive.  Ada County elected two Democrats, both female, as county commissioners.  Could Jordan benefit by these recent blue wave wins?

I don't think so.  The three recently elected Democrats have a dedication and work ethic that we haven't seen from Jordan.  She's rarely working in the communities that she says she wants to represent.  Without a strong ground game, her campaign will end like the last one.  A loser.


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