You'd think the Democrats would've learned their lesson.  First it was the phony dossier, then it was the FBI entrapment, then Robert Mueller's spending spree, all the allegations against President Trump were proven false.  Those facts did not stop Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from announcing moments ago that she will begin a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Pelosi's move comes as Democrats had aired their frustrations against the speaker for not impeaching the president earlier.  The inquiry is in response to an unknown 'whitsleblower allegation involving a phone call between the president and  Ukrainian officials concerning the son of former Democratic Vice President and current presidential contender Joe Biden.

Biden today called for the impeachment of President Trump.  The New York Times reports that Biden will back impeachment if the president does not comply with Congress.  President Trump publicly announced that he would release the transcript of his phone calls Wednesday morning.  Most political experts believed Pelosi would not move on the president until the transcripts had been released.

President Trump took to Twitter seconds after the Speakers announcement, saying that this is a 'witch hunt and presidential harassment.'  The president maintains his innocence and as long as the Republicans support him in the Senate, most believe the inquiry will go nowhere.

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News that if the president did what he admitted to in public, then it is a crime.  You can watch that clip here

Well have the very latest on this situation tomorrow and every morning from Washington DC with Kevin Miller.

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