The vaccine is just around the corner, according to multiple media reports.  The big question during this holiday season is not, 'what are you getting for Christmas, but will you take the shot or multiple shots for the Covid Vaccine?'

Many Americans have vowed that they will not take the shot.  They either don't believe in vaccines or worry about the side effects of the shot.  As we earlier reported, airlines will mandate that you are vaccinated before you will be able to get on a flight.  Commentators have begun to report that businesses will require you to take the shot or you won't be able to work for a private or public company.  As of right now, we do not know of any such requirement.

Will you have to pay for the shot?   If so, how much will it cost if you want to be vaccinated?  Forbes reports the cost will be around 39 dollars for individuals. The publication says that about inline with what most folks pay for flu shots.

Would you take the shot if the government paid you to do so?  A member of Congress who unsuccessfully ran for president wants to pay you big money to bend over.  Congressman John Delany tells CNBC that money solves the shot problem.  Call it the 'shot solution.'  Congressman Delany would pay you not 500, not 1,000, but 1,500 dollars to take one for Team America.  He says: "The faster we get 75% of this country vaccinated, the faster we end COVID and the sooner everything returns to normal."

Do you believe the government can buy shot compliance?

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