First, the national media detailed that Christians were moving to Idaho. We covered that story here. A new report from the state's secretary of state says California conservatives are moving to Idaho. 

Why Idaho? For years, the Gem State was a remote vacation destination for hunters, hikers, campers, fishermen, and Hollywood stars. Today, the Gem State is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. One of the primary reasons folks move to Idaho is freedom.

Governor Brad Little likes to brag that Idaho is the most unregulated state in the country. Businesses like Amazon and Facebook don't have to wait years to get building permits approved or face endless red tape regulations. It's not unusual for a significant company to move to Idaho and have their new facility built within months.


Another reason Republicans moved to Idaho is the dominance of the state GOP. Idaho's Republican Party is one of the largest and most dominant in the country. The state's legislature is ruled by a super majority, and every state's constitutional and congressional office is a Republican.

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Idaho's crime rate is another attraction, bringing more Americans to the Gem State. Idahoans proudly support law enforcement and first responders. It's common for folks to thank police officers and buy them dinner, lunch, or a cup of coffee to thank them for their service. While other states are anti-police, Idaho is one of America's most pro-law enforcement states.


California's lack of enforcement of law and order, along with the power of the Democratic Party, is our final reason for folks to move to Idaho. Folks here love to listen to both sides of the argument, unlike Nancy Pelosi.

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