We're continuing to hear rumors coming from the Idaho Legislature that there could be a bill that would raise gas taxes per gallon in the Gem State.

We asked Representative Priscilla Giddings about this today. You can hear her response during the 9 am section of our podcast. The proponents of raising our taxes will argue that our roads and bridges need repairs. I don't disagree with those reasons; however, now is not the time to stick it to Idahoans.  

Gas prices have risen 12 cents per gallon in the last week, reports AAA Idaho in a news release. Call it Joe Biden's energy policies, the end of the pandemic, regardless of why gas prices are going up. When gas prices rise, it impacts everything from the cost of plastics to airline flights.  

Here is a list of current gas prices in the Gem State:

Boise - $2.81

Coeur d'Alene - $2.59

Franklin - $2.68

Idaho Falls - $2.58

Lewiston - $2.67

Pocatello - $2.68

Twin Falls - $2.65

Currently, Idaho is the 20 most expensive states for gas taxes, says the Tulsa World.  2015 was the last year 7 cents per gallon raised the gas tax. It happened on the previous day and around midnight of the legislative session. The legislature waited until the very last moment to get it through and signed by then-Governor Otter.  

An increase in gas taxes would cripple Idaho families and small businesses. More prudent use of the state's finances would be to allocate the federal boondoggle dollars that Idaho received for the pandemic.   

Or how about an additional tax on new construction that accelerates the need for additional infrastructure? We'll continue to keep an eye and an ear out for any movements towards a tax hike. If that happens, please join us in trying to stop it. 

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