The rotating financial drama continues to revolve around the United States Senate.  The Senate Bill does not have stimulus relief money designated for taxpayers.  According to Newsweek, the $500 billion proposal half the size of the Senate's previous $1 trillion package  includes extended unemployment payments, money for small businesses, and $10 billion for the Postal Service, but no direct stimulus payments.

The Republican-controlled Senate and Democrat-led House are worlds  apart on a stimulus bill, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisting last week that Democrats wouldn't budge on anything less than $2 trillion in relief money.   While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his colleagues are troubled by the continued exploding deficits that are endangering the country. The president has sounded off that there isn't a money tree at the backyard of the White House.  Last week, the issue of the United States Post Office became a political hot button.

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