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Recently, the Idaho House Education Committee voted to approve a bill that would ban all schools from teaching sexism or racism, reports the Idaho Press via the Post Register. Ed Humphreys introduced the proposal before the legislature took off for their Covid Spring Break.  

Mr. Humphreys is a great conservative who tirelessly works for the republican party, Turning Point USA, and term limits. I admire his courage in presenting his bill to the committee. Here is what we know of the bill that was approved and will now move the house floor. We checked the state's website but couldn't find it.   

  • Channel 7 broke down the bill's contents, and here is what they've printed from their website. 
  •  One race, sex is superior to another. 
  • An individual is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive because of their race or sex, "whether consciously or unconsciously."
  • An individual bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by individuals of the same sex or race past by members of the same race or sex."
  • Merit-based systems are racist or sexist.
  • Idaho or the United States are "fundamentally racist or sexist."

Mr. Humphreys responded to their coverage in a Facebook post below:


I’m still trying to figure out how this about me cancelling the Civil War from being taught?

KTVB never even...

Posted by Edward Humphreys on Friday, March 19, 2021


For years Idahoans have expressed their dismay concerning what is taught to their children in schools. We expect the progressive media to attack the statehouse for considering his conservative legislation. Let's hope that our government will do the right thing and pass this bill. Governor Little, will you sign this much-needed legislation?

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