It's not looking good for freedom across the border in Oregon. State officials have announced that businesses and churches will require Oregonians to present their vaccination papers to enter without wearing a mask, reports KTVB.

Recently, the Oregon Department of Health issued new mandates in response to the CDC adjusting their health guidelines. The Bend Bulletin observes that the Oregon rules are unique in the country. If Oregonians are not vaccinated, they must wear a mask indoors per the state government.

Idaho, in contrast, has never had a statewide mandate, even during the height of the pandemic. Governor Little told anyone who would listen that Idahoans would not adhere to such direct orders. A few health districts did issue mandates for entering buildings. In contrast, to Oregon, most Idaho businesses do not require people to wear masks to enter their facility.

As we reported earlier, several Oregon counties have voted to become part of the Gem State. Several folks have voiced their concerns on how the power of the executive has expanded during the Covid crisis.

America was founded on the individual's freedom to make their own decisions. Oregon's government would be wise to rescind this ridiculous health order. Asking someone for their papers is akin to a totalitarian government rather than a state in the United States of America.

One has to wonder what the penalty will be if churches and businesses in Oregon do not comply with the state's directive? Will the state of Oregon order them to be closed due to non-compliance? It's time to end this government-mandated nanny state and let Americans be responsible for their health and welfare.

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