Boise is reported to be one of the best cities for dating and being single, and due to the many activities and things to do here, that's not totally surprising. And according to a variety of recent studies since 2020, there are also more people here than ever before that are living alone in Boise.

Instead of getting caught up in the daily grind, like most of us do, take a moment to treat yourself and enjoy the unique experiences Boise has to offer. Whether you prefer to fly solo or enjoy the company of friends, here are some ways to treat yourself this Fall in Boise:

We've got 5 ideas here, and then 5 more ideas listed below this article.

Art Appreciation: Dive into Boise's art scene. There's even a new Art Guide for Ada County that is literally a map for all of the best art in the Boise area.

Explore downtown Boise and Freak Alley Gallery, an ever-evolving attraction that's fun to check out even if you've been there before.

Nature Escapes: Embrace the crisp fall air by hiking through the beautiful Boise Foothills or enjoying a solo picnic by the Boise River.

Events: There are tons of community events for Fall, and even concerts and comedians like Nate Bargatze. That event is this week, but there are a lot more events coming up between now and the end of the year.

The Food Scene: Satisfy your taste buds at the local restaurants and farmer's markets. Check out a coffee shop you haven't been to, or, as mentioned before about the community events, there are a lot of food trucks that go to those!

Keep scrolling for 5 more fun ways to treat yourself and have fun when you’re single living in Boise. And with it being Fall, we've listed some awesome Halloween things to keep in mind, too.

5 Fun Ways to Treat Yourself When You're Single Living in Boise

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