Could the reality of Idaho Schools reopening be the catalysis for a special session of the Idaho Legislature?   A group of lawmakers from the House and Senate met recently to discuss the logistics and liability of schools reopening across the state, reports the Idaho Press.   The legislators heard from a collection of individuals representing groups of educators to trial lawyers.

The conversation focused on how the schools, universities, and every creature in the known universe could adhere to health district guidelines while trying to educate Idaho's youth.  Questions concerning how to safely social distance in a school bus to liability for sickness were discussed.

Karen Echeverria, executive director of the Idaho School Boards Association, shared her thoughts on what is needed from the legislature.  “So with all that said, ISBA would appreciate a special session to deal with this issue of liability.”

I couldn't find any comment from the Idaho Press article that quoted any reaction from our lawmakers.  The leaders in both the House and Senate have told us repeatedly that only the governor can call the legislature back to work.  Will he heed the call?

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