Covid continues to change everything.  Fears and concerns over public safety have caused primarily state governors to issue mandates restricting individual freedoms.  States across the country are urging folks to stay home.  The Centers for Disease Control has urged the public not to travel.  Travel agencies say that holiday travel will be down by at least 10% from last year.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is restricting alcohol sales in hopes of folks not getting together to have a drink during Thanksgiving, reports Philly Live.  New Jersey is asking their law enforcement officers to check homes to see if folks are wearing masks inside, says the Democrat and Chronicle.

Now the state of Utah is getting into the act of limiting gatherings.  You can have a Happy Thanksgiving, but only with less than 10 people, says Fox News.  The governor in a recent tweet says the holidays are special.



In a statement released Monday, the Utah Department of Health says Thanksgiving gatherings should be limited to 10 people or less -- noting that less is better. It also recommends letting guests dish up their own plates in the kitchen, rather than pass a platter around at the dinner table.

Governor Gary Herbert's mask order remains in effect throughout the state, although they're not required in indoor gatherings of less than 10 people. Is eating with family the biggest risk associated with Thanksgiving? Or is it traveling to see them?


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