Congress Reacts To The Failure Of Bailout Legislation
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The battle over how much more in debt we go continues in the halls of Congress.  On one hand, the Republicans want certain items included in a new stimulus bill, while the Democrats are standing firm on what they want in the bill.  Is it me, or haven't these two political parties heard of the word compromise for the great good?     Congress is focused on hashing out another major coronavirus relief package - but so far, Democrats and Republicans are far apart on what it should look like for the American Public, reports CNBC.

What's the holdup?  As usual, it's all about the money, or in other words, who gets the money and how much do they get?  House Democrats have passed a $3 trillion bill that would extend the $600-per-week federal unemployment benefits through the end of the year, as well as the federal moratorium on evictions.

Senate Republicans are pushing a smaller $1 trillion bill that would reduce those unemployment benefits to $200 a week - with major disagreements within the party over how much money the government should spend. One thing both sides seem to agree on is another round of $1200 stimulus checks similar to the ones sent out in April.

Sadly, neither party has addressed the mounting debt that continues to burden the country with each additional stimulus package.

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