A self described 'non-political' student is getting a lot of attention because of his support of President Trump. 17 year old  Anthony Ribeiro, of Toms River High School North in New Jersey was logged in to his virtual Chemistry class when the controversy began, reports KMVT News.  The student had a Trump 2020 banner on the wall behind him.  Teachers and fellow students noticed the flag.

He relayed that the teacher had an issue with the flag being seen while class was in session.  “He said, ‘If you’re not gonna take it down, it’s unacceptable, and I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the class for today.’ At that point, I waved goodbye, and I was out of the class,” Ribeiro said.

The banner was a birthday present from the young man's family.  An English teacher has a similiar request during a virtual class.  Tara Jost, the boy's Mom, expressed her frustartion to The Patch.com  "We're looking for an apology," Tara Jost said. "This is not a political thing. This violated something in my home and violated my son's learning."

According to published reports, the school has a policy that students must not attend class in pajamas.  There is no mention concerning political banners being prohibited from online classrooms.  The school board has stated that the student has done nothing wrong and they are investigating the situation.

ABC 10 reports that a California teacher threatened to kick a student out of their virtual class if they didn't take down another Trump 2020 banner.  There is no mention of political speech being prohibited in the Calusa Student Handbook.


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